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Total Failure: IBT Screws Up Coverage of Jerusalem Terror Attack

Total Failure: IBT Screws Up Coverage of Jerusalem Terror Attack

The International Business Times makes a total failure of its coverage of a truck ramming terror attack in Jerusalem, using inappropriate, inaccurate images and video.

Assentamentos: os Erros nas Manchetes que Ninguém Percebe

Com a questão dos assentamentos israelenses de volta às manchetes, surgiram também erros factuais. Independente das opiniões sobre o status dos assentamentos, a mídia ainda tem a responsabilidade de informar com precisão sobre o que acontece na região. Uma série de veículos reportou nos últimos dias que Israel estaria prestes a construir novos assentamentos. Veja por

Libération qualifie à tort le mur des Lamentations de “principal lieu saint juif”

Dans un article de Libération publié hier soir signé par le notoire Nissim Behar aka Serge Dumont aka Maurice Sarfatti, la rédaction du quotidien s’est permise d’ajouter une précision afin d’expliquer aux lecteurs ce qu’est le mur des Lamentations : Le problème, c’est qu’il s’agit d’un erreur. En effet, le principal lieu saint juif est le Mont du

Is Hezbollah Using US Arms Taken From Lebanese Army?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Hezbollah’s now using US weapons supplied to the Lebanese Armed Forces, according to an IDF officer quoted by Haaretz. And how did Hezbollah get its hands on the “Made in the USA” arms and vehicles? The senior officer added that while it is not clear under which circumstances Hezbollah obtained the

Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel Stirs Controversy

Today’s Top Stories *** Breaking news *** Just before this roundup was published, residents of Amona agreed to leave the unauthorized outpost for a nearby location. The High Court of Justice had ruled that Amona was built on private Palestinian-owned land and ordered the outpost demolished by December 25. The agreement heads off fears of