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Marwan Barghouti: New York Times Sanitizes a Terrorist

Marwan Barghouti: New York Times Sanitizes a Terrorist

The New York Times gives op-ed space to Marwan Barghouti but presents him as a political prisoner and fails to disclose that he is a convicted Palestinian terrorist murderer.

Apartheid Slur: Another Journalism Fail at the IBT

In a shocking piece of unprofessional journalism, the International Business Times attempts to promote the Israeli apartheid libel by way of questionable and biased sources, distorted facts and lack of context.

The ABC Of Distorting History

An ABC guide to the two-state solution aims to clear up any confusion on the issue for its readers. Instead it leads its readers to adopt the Palestinians’ favored and distorted version of history and the conflict, leading to only more confusion.

Headline Fails: “Wounded Palestinian,” “Suspect” or “Attacker?”

Media publish headlines on the sentencing of Israeli soldier Elor Azaria yet refer, with no context, to the Palestinian terrorist as a “suspect” or a “wounded man.”