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CORRECTED: Third Time Lucky For Telegraph Identity Error

CORRECTED: Third Time Lucky For Telegraph Identity Error

The Telegraph’s headline mistakenly states that the Israeli Ambassador to the UK was caught on film in an Al Jazeera sting operation. HonestReporting gets the correction.

“Terror” Only Happens in London

So far as the British media’s concerned, Palestinian suicide bombings, shootings, and knife attacks in Israel are never acts of terror. And the people responsible for the blood and mayhem are never terrorists. The nine-letter word of choice is militants. But when a British soldier is hacked to death by Muslims in the streets of

1 Minute for Munich

Join the international commemoration of Israel’s fallen athletes — wherever you are on the morning of the Olympic Games’ opening ceremonies. This Friday morning, a short ceremony at Israel’s embassy in London will pay tribute to the 11 athletes killed at the 1972 Munich games. The event — streamed online at Minute for Munich starting