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CORRECTED: Third Time Lucky For Telegraph Identity Error

CORRECTED: Third Time Lucky For Telegraph Identity Error

The Telegraph’s headline mistakenly states that the Israeli Ambassador to the UK was caught on film in an Al Jazeera sting operation. HonestReporting gets the correction.


Hunger-Striking Prisoner in Coma

Today’s Top Stories 1. Mohammed Allaan was in a coma after losing consciousness on Friday. Allaan, accused of membership in Islamic Jihad, has been protesting his incarceration without trial, a controversial legal status Israel calls “administrative detention.” Islamic Jihad threatened if Allaan dies, the cease-fire is over. Meanwhile, the former US commander of the Guantanamo Bay

BBC’s All-Out Apology

The BBC apologizes for its Israel coverage?

Australian Media’s Moment of Truth

The Australian Broadcasting Corportation admits to Hamas terror, while the New York Times equates Israel and Hamas.