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Abbas to Shut Off Money to Gaza and Hamas?

Abbas to Shut Off Money to Gaza and Hamas?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Sources close to Mahmoud Abbas told the Times of Israel the PA chief may cut off all cash to Gaza. The ultimatum to Hamas: Accept our rule or we’ll stop paying your bills. This “would constitute official recognition of the split between Gaza and the West Bank, a divide that over

NYT Publishes Terror Leader’s Op-Ed

Today’s Top Stories 1. In tandem with a hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners, The New York Times published a scathing anti-Israel op-ed by convicted murderer and notorious terrorist Marwan Barghouti. In addition to not calling out Barghouti for any of his incorrect facts, the New York Times described him in the “by-line” merely as “a Palestinian

O Globo e G1 Omitem Histórico de Terrorista que Lidera Greve de Fome de Prisioneiros Palestinos

Enquanto Israel oficialmente, e muitas organizações judaicas (e o HonestReporting) passavam pelo feriado de Pessach (páscoa judaica), o condenado assassino terrorista palestino Marwan Barghouti ganhou um espaço no New York Times para acusar Israel de vários delitos, incluindo tortura de prisioneiros. Barghouti lidera uma greve de fome de prisioneiros palestinos desde ontem, com o objetivo

Marwan Barghouti, cet animateur sympathique de la 2nde Intifada

Une des grandes tendances des médias – qu’ils soient français ou non – est de ranger les palestiniens coupables de terrorisme dans une autre catégorie que celle de “terroriste”. En effet, la presse française a créé toute une terminologie spécialement conçue pour absoudre les palestiniens : “militants”, “activistes” etc etc… Mais ce matin, l’AFP, le Point, l’Express

Melania Trump: Reporter Provoked Death Threats and Anti-Semitic Trolls

Today’s Top Stories 1. Donald Trump’s wife, Melania discussed for the first time the anti-Semitic abuse supporters piled on reporter Julia Ioffe, who wrote a somewhat critical GQ profile about her. Mrs. Trump’s concluding comment isn’t going over well on Jewish social media. Here’s the key snippet in full, as Mickey Rapkin of Du Jour

Palestinians Launch Nobel Peace Prize Campaign for Convicted Terrorist

Today’s Top Stories 1. Palestinians have launched a worldwide campaign to nominate jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize – despite his life imprisonment for five terrorist murders. According to the JPost, the campaign will include organizing rallies and marches throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip in support of the nomination.

Russian Role in Lebanon to Blunt Hezbollah Influence?

Today’s Top Stories 1. NOW Lebanon has my antennae twitching. Lebanese opposition leaders are courting Moscow in an effort to blunt Hezbollah and Iranian influence on the country. A new Russian role in Lebanon would add to Vladimir Putin’s weight in the Mideast. Hmmmmm. 2. Mahmoud Abbas suspended funds to the PFLP — not because the

Hamas Detains Reuters’ Bureau Chief

Today’s Top Stories 1. Luke Baker, Reuters’ Jerusalem bureau chief and current head of the Foreign Press Association, had a rough day, being detained by Hamas. Baker went to the Strip to cover Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar’s meeting with the Foreign Press Association in Gaza. Will the FPA make an official complaint, or does that

PLO Still Lying About Arafat’s Legacy

The PLO recently marked what would’ve been Yasser Arafat’s 86th birthday with a tweet that must have left the late Palestinian leader spinning in his grave. It’s not just about framing Arafat’s legacy as a heroic freedom fighter instead of as an murderous terrorist (I’ll come back to that). As the founding father of Palestinian