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German Newspapers: Netanyahu is “Führer”; “Insane Dictator”

German Newspapers: Netanyahu is “Führer”; “Insane Dictator”

Today’s Top Stories 1.  German tabloids: Netanyahu one of world’s seven most “insane dictators.” The Hamburger Morgenpost and Berliner Kurier, part of the same publishing house, published a litany of misleading or outright untrue accusations against the Israeli PM, while repeatedly referring to him as “Führer.” The Israeli Foreign Ministry slammed the articles as “anti-Semitic,” pointing out

Netanyahu in Australia

Today’s Top Stories 1. Netanyahu in Australia: Meeting with Australian PM Malcom Turnbull, the two PM’s reiterated messages of mutual support and cooperation. PM Turnball strongly criticized the United Nations over its unfair treatment of Israel and both leaders recalled the history of Australia in events leading to Israel’s formation. Responding to members of Australia’s Labor Party

Prime Minister Netanyahu on 60 Minutes: Unwinding Iran Nuclear Deal?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes. The in-depth interview focused on Netanyahu’s optimism for the future, expectations for US/Israel relations in the age of President Trump, and the possibility of unwinding the JCPOA, commonly known as the “Iran Nuclear Deal.” 2. World leaders have been condemning the terror attack in

Veja Ignora Contexto e Perverte Discurso de Netanyahu no Enterro de Peres

A matéria da Veja sobre o funeral de Shimon Peres não proporcionou ao leitor nada mais além de desinformação. O discurso de Netanyahu – diga-se, as poucas partes que a matéria aborda – foi completamente desvirtuado. Primeiro, a Veja dá a entender que Netanyahu mencionou todos os líderes presentes pelo nome, menos Abbas. Vamos ao discurso real: Presidente

Wealthy Palestinian, 19, Behind Bus Bombing; Hamas Claims Responsibility.

Today’s Top Stories 1. Israel confirms that a 19 year old from a wealthy Palestinian family was behind a bus bombing last week, as Hamas claims responsibility. Bomber’s mother calls his attack, “self defense.” 2. France plans to hold peace summit on Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but will Israelis and Palestinians want to take part? 3. Jews arrested by Israeli police

Netanyahu Visits Moscow to Discuss Syria With Putin

Today’s Top Stories 1. Accompanied by a high-level delegation of IDF staff, PM Netanyahu is in Moscow today to discuss with President Putin, Russia’s increasing military engagement in the Syrian civil war. The Times of Israel reports: According to early assessments, the two leaders will likely discuss three key topics: keeping advanced weapons out of

Anti-Semitism and Terror Flags on Display at London Anti-Israel Demo

Today’s Top Stories 1. Anti-Semitism and extremism were on display at a demonstration in London against Israeli PM Netanyahu’s UK visit where he met with British PM David Cameron. Despite its status as a terrorist organization, Hezbollah flags were spotted. Breitbart UK reported from the scene: Arrieh A. Miller, executive director of The Zionist Federation, told Breitbart

Walls, Politics, Mosques, and the Impact of Media Bias

On this week’s show, HonestReporting’s Yarden Frankl reports on a Washington Post article about presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s call for the United States to build a southern border fence to deter Mexican migrants. The piece mentioned border fences across the world, calling Israel’s security barrier an anti-Palestinian, repressive “apartheid wall.” The New York Times ascribes political motivations to the Israeli Prime Minister’s opposition to the Iran deal. Also — did anti-Israel media coverage of the Gaza conflict feed into the massacre in Tennessee?