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PLO Stats and New York Times Hacks

PLO Stats and New York Times Hacks

It is part of a larger wave of biased reporting that sees “The Return of Casualty Figures as a Moral Barometer.” In other words, the simple belief that the side with the greater number of casualties is necessarily the side with the greater moral claim.


Two Killed in Beersheba Terror Attack

Today’s Top Stories 1. Deadly terror strikes Beersheba central bus station. An Israeli Bedouin armed with a pistol and knife killed a soldier, stole his gun, and shot at least ten other people before being killed by security. In the aftermath, police killed an Eritrean refugee, wrongly believing he was a second gunman, leading to headlines


Swiss Government ‘Regrets’ Ambassador’s Tasteless Bibi Cartoon

Today’s Top Stories 1. Did the Arab Spring hit Gaza this weekend? Gaza beach corn vendor attempts suicide after Hamas ‘harassment’ 2. Switzerland “expressed regret” after its ambassador to Iran displayed a tasteless cartoon of peace doves defecating on Prime Minister Netanyahu. Ambassador Giulio Haas was addressing businessmen in Zurich, encouraging them to invest in