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The Ripple Effect of Media Bias

The Ripple Effect of Media Bias

The way news spreads through the Internet guarantees that once a major publication publishes an error, no correction will be able to stop it from spreading. The Irish Times has now published the original New York Times story without the correction. And odds are against them being the only ones to do so.


Swiss Government ‘Regrets’ Ambassador’s Tasteless Bibi Cartoon

Today’s Top Stories 1. Did the Arab Spring hit Gaza this weekend? Gaza beach corn vendor attempts suicide after Hamas ‘harassment’ 2. Switzerland “expressed regret” after its ambassador to Iran displayed a tasteless cartoon of peace doves defecating on Prime Minister Netanyahu. Ambassador Giulio Haas was addressing businessmen in Zurich, encouraging them to invest in


A Proper Headline

We have documented many cases of the media, especially the New York Times, using headlines that make Israeli military responses look like unprovoked aggression. Whether Israel is responding to terrorism or rocket fire, the response usually gets the coverage that it absent on the initial act. Our presentation, It All Started When Israel Fired Back, is as valid today as when we first published it 3 years ago.