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Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Anti-Israel Rant or Anti-Semitic Smear?

Whether or not she crossed the line of anti-Semitism herself, Rachel Smalley’s sleight-of-hand attempt to cloak her misleading accusations in the mantle of “legitimate criticism” is disingenuous.


IDF Investigating Gaza War Incidents

Today’s Top Stories 1. The IDF announced that it opened criminal investigations into five Operation Protective Edge incidents, including  the Gaza beach shelling that killed four children, and a July attack on a UN school that killed 14 Palestinians. A total of 99 incidents are being probed, or will be in the coming weeks. YNet has best


Gaza Conflict Day 21: Hamas Threatens Journalists

Today’s Top Stories 1. The IDF released its findings on the shelling of a UN school in Beit Hanoun, in which 15 Palestinians were killed. The Jerusalem Post reports: . . . Hamas terrorists fired at the army from within the school complex. The terrorists fired anti-tank missiles at soldiers, the army added.   The