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Author’s Effort To Make Jewish History Die

Author’s Effort To Make Jewish History Die

An author visited the West Bank on a trip with Breaking the Silence, and wrote an essay in which she completely denies Jewish ties to Israel, while demonizing and dehumanizing Israelis – and the Irish Times promotes her hateful, false narrative.

Israeli Coalition Talks Go Down to the Wire

Today’s Top Stories 1. Hamas and the Salafists are duking it out in Gaza. I’m not clear on the chronological order of events here, but here’s what’s going on in Gaza: – A bombing outside the Hamas security headquarters (a perimeter wall was damaged). – An ISIS threat of “dire consequences” if Hamas doesn’t release a detained

The Case Against “Generic” News Images

Sometimes, editors need an image for a story but don’t have anything useful or available right away. That’s when stock photos come in handy. But unless they’re clearly labeled as “file photos” used for “illustrative purposes,” these images can be very misleading. Robert Fisk raises an important point about “generic” news photos used to illustrate