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Ilan Pappe’s Sinister Supremacist Sperm Bank

Ilan Pappe’s Sinister Supremacist Sperm Bank

Ilan Pappe portrays Israel as a Nazi-like society based on a small number of infertile women requesting combat soldiers as sperm donors.


Coke, Israel and Intellectual Honesty

Oliver Lovat asks us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what is being said, by whom and why, while sipping on an ice cold Coke.

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Israel Not to Blame: False Photo Caption Corrected

The following two photos attributed to Hatem Moussa of the Associated Press appeared in a Daily Telegraph photo montage: In the first caption, the fire at the Karni Crossing was attributed to shelling while the second photo caption was more specific, claiming that the cargo terminal was “shelled by Israeli tanks.” It would be unthinkable