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The Guardian Gets Beastly Towards Netanyahu

The Guardian Gets Beastly Towards Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu announces the building of security fences to keep out “beasts” that threaten Israel. The Guardian’s Peter Beaumont misrepresents who the “beasts” really are.

Original image: CC BY-SA flickr/gerlos

Gaza Conflict Day 9: First Israeli Fatality Laid to Rest

Original image: CC BY-SA flickr/gerlos Today’s Top Stories *** Breaking news *** As today’s Israel Daily News Stream went to press, four Palestinian children were killed in an Israeli airstrike witnessed by foreign journalists, including  The Guardian‘s Peter Beaumont and UK Channel 4’s Jonathan Miller, who tried to save the kids. More details at YNet. 1.


Ten Years Since Something That Never Happened: A Learning Moment for the Guardian

This guest post by Myrrh is republished courtesy of Harry’s Place. [I submitted this to The Guardian as a commentary piece on April 4.  On April 12 they confirmed that they will not be running it.  Both Brian Whitaker, former Middle East Editor and current CiF editor, and Harriet Sherwood, currently the Jerusalem correspondent, have informed me

Netanyahu’s "Nazi Language"?

Incendiary headlines and a cynical op-ed contort the “Judenrein” term.