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HR Prompts Removal of Washington Post Racial Profiling Smear

HR Prompts Removal of Washington Post Racial Profiling Smear

The Washington Post removes an inflammatory claim that Israeli security racially profiles Ethiopian Jews after a complaint from HonestReporting.

New York Times Op-Ed Paints Israel as a Racist State

The New York Times allows Israeli Arab journalist Rula Jebreal to deliberately portray Israel as institutionally racist towards its Arab minority.

The Hypocrisy of a Black Miss Israel?

When it comes to Israel’s absorption of Ethiopians, Israel often gets damned for mistakes in their integration, and also for racism. Unfortunately, Israel’s now damned for honoring their accomplishments. Yes, Israel, like all countries, has its unfortunate problems of racism. But the problems described by Australian feminist columnist Ruby Hamad don’t justify The Hypocrisy of

Soccer Hooligans: Egypt’s vs Israel’s

After reading about Egyptian soccer hooligans’ mayhem, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius makes a compelling comparison between Egyptian soccer hooligans and the “droogs.” They’re the young toughs Anthony Burgess depicted in A Clockwork Orange. (You might be more familiar with Stanley Kubrick’s movie.) Unfortunately, Ignatius also ties in an Israeli comparison that’s much less apt.

Iran, Hezbollah, Building Syria Militias

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Beitar Jerusalem was in the news when the soccer team’s first ever Muslim player took the field, despite the opposition of some of the club’s more hard core, racist fans.

“Racist” Quote Mistranslated by Ha’aretz

The issue of African immigrants in Israel is a sensitive one that hasn’t portrayed Israel in a positive light by any stretch. While some Israeli politicians have disgraced themselves with utterly inappropriate language, others appear to have been deliberately misquoted to exacerbate the overall negative effect. Take Interior Minister Eli Yishai, the subject of a