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Bibi Coverage: One Speech, Multiple Stories

Bibi Coverage: One Speech, Multiple Stories

Our look at some of the media coverage of the Netanyahu speech illustrates how we are at the mercy of one or two journalists and editors or the particular editorial or political line of a media outlet when it comes to coverage of Israel.

Special Report: Gaza – Israel Responds to Hamas’s Escalation

A look at the context behind Israel’s military ops in Gaza.

Special Report: The Hamas Propaganda War

How the MSM handed Hamas a PR victory.

The Six Day War: Forty Years On

Forty years have now passed since the “Six Day War” which resulted in Israeli control over the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.  Some media reports already refer to the fortieth anniversary of the “occupation.” The goal of this special report is to remind HonestReporting subscribers of the events

Special Reports: Israel Under Fire

  19 JULY – DAY EIGHT   PLEASE RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING The Guardian eases up on its anti-Israel rhetoric by allowing the more moderate tones of Jonathan Freedland to put his analysis of the situation forward. Vicious words, however, are replaced by tasteless and graphic imagery in the form of a cartoon by Martin

Special Report: Israel Under Fire

A look at some of the myths and facts following Hezbollah's attack on Israel.

Special Report on CNN

The winds of change begin to blow at CNN.