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Video: Real People, Real Stories: Part 1: Terror on a Bus

Miri’s life has been touched by terror, several times. In part one Miri tells the story of when terrorists attacked her while she was riding a public bus. In parts 2 and 3 we talk about the death of Miri’s uncle, Shahar Melamed, and the near stabbing of her 8 year old sister.

Video: Trailer – 3 Terror Victims. Israel’s Untold Stories.

Miri’s 8-year-old sister, her uncle and Miri herself, all touched by terror. And all before she even reached the age of 25. On Israel’s Memorial Day we will share her story, because the media doesn’t. And please help us spread the word by sharing this video with your friends. The world should know.

Video: Israel’s Channel 10 Report on Media Bias feat. HonestReporting

Israel’s Channel 10 News report on international media bias featured the work of HonestReporting. Take a look! CORRECTION: In this video Channel 10 incorrectly referred to a certain headline (“3 Palestinians Shot Dead”) as coming from AP. In fact, that headline came from a different news source.