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The Guardian States Israeli Military Raped Palestinian Woman

The Guardian States Israeli Military Raped Palestinian Woman

The Guardian’s sub-header states as fact, an allegation that a Palestinian woman was raped and tortured by the Israeli military after carrying out a terrorist bombing in 1969.


A Day of Terror, A Day of Headline Fails

More Palestinian terror attacks mean more screwy headlines. Context and accuracy took a hit. Without question, today’s worst headline was served up by the Irish Times. For readers who initially wrote us about this screwy Associated Press header (cached version), the wire service subsequently updated the headline. Most papers around the world updated their AP wire

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A Toxic Echo Chamber

Stephen Pritchard, the reader’s editor at The Guardian, recently announced that the paper will start restricting reader comments posted in the Comment is Free section in articles on three “sensitive” topics: race, immigration, and religion. Why those sacred cows? Certain subjects – race, immigration and Islam in particular – attract an unacceptable level of toxic commentary, believes