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Gaza: UK Media Reacts Against Israel

The past few days of Israeli counter-terror operations in the Gaza Strip were bound to create a media frenzy and the UK press doesn’t disappoint. HonestReporting has already released a Special Report explaining the context behind Israel’s actions and offering talking points to use in responses to media bias. We strongly recommend reading this report

Special Report: Gaza – Israel Responds to Hamas’s Escalation

A look at the context behind Israel’s military ops in Gaza.

C4 Goes Inside Hamas

A Channel 4 documentary, “Inside Hamas”, broadcast on 10 February, gained unprecedented access to the inside of the terrorist organisation. Writing in The Spectator, film-maker Mike Chamberlain describes what went on during the filming: There were no spin doctors in sight, as [director] Rodrigo filmed internal meetings of the police and private parliamentary discussions. He accompanied

Tribute to a Terrorist

“For those in anti-colonial movements across the world who learned and trained under him, his name embodies that inextinguishable human demand for justice and freedom. His exhilarating emancipatory model of resistance to injustice, his radical optimism and, above all, his tight political organisation scorched the consciousness of young people across the Arab world, mobilised masses

No Qassams, No Terror, No Responsibility

 The Guardian gives extensive coverage to an international Palestinian donor conference taking place in Paris. Undoubtedly, Palestinians are suffering under harsh economic conditions. Predictably, in the eyes of Ian Black, Israel bears the bulk of responsibility for this: Crucially, though, there is little evidence so far of Israel’s readiness to ease restrictions on the Palestinians, vital if

Guardian’s Lax Student Research

The Guardian (as well as other media outlets) regularly portrays Israel as ‘collectively punishing’ Palestinians, failing to acknowledge legitimate Israeli security concerns. Rory McCarthy’s 6 November article focusing on the plight of some 670 Gazan students unable to return to universities abroad is certainly not the worst published in The Guardian. One cannot but sympathise with