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Is Britain Grovelling to the Israeli Bully?

Writing in weekday sister paper The Herald, The Scottish Sunday Herald’s Foreign Editor, David Pratt produces a particularly nasty and vitriolic commentary in the context of British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s visit to Israel and the resulting row over the issuing of arrest warrants on Israeli politicians visiting the UK: It is criminal how Britain grovels to

Kid’s Paper: Failing Impressionable Young Minds

The Arab-Israeli conflict is complicated enough for adults to fully understand, let alone children. Too many times, mainstream media fails to provide the necessary context to the story. So why has a children’s newspaper simplified recent events into this photo and caption? First News claims to be the widest read weekly children’s publication in the UK. As such,

BBC Admits Bias?

Following the kidnapping of the BBC’s Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston, Tom Gross comments: Impartial observers have long recognized that Johnston is particularly anti-Israeli in his reporting. But now the BBC has acknowledged his bias too. The BBC website, in an article about their kidnapped correspondent, includes a quote from BBC diplomatic editor Paul Adams confirming that