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Here’s What Israeli Democracy In Action Looks Like

Here’s What Israeli Democracy In Action Looks Like

Here’s what Israeli democracy in action looks like: On a rare day off from work, you head over to your assigned local polling station — perhaps with your children — and get in line. Polling Committee volunteers check your teudat zehut (ID card) against their own list and give you a blue envelope which your

LA Times to Israel: “Tossing Democracy Out the Window Is Not the Solution”

A Los Angeles Times staff-ed worries about Israeli-Arab voters being disenfranchised from a national referendum on any final peace agreement. Still, tossing democracy out the window is not the solution any more than it was for the United States when it interned American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II. Why the worry? Because

Arab Voting Becomes Stick to Beat Israel

Is it any wonder that Israel is perceived as a racist, apartheid and non-democratic state when articles such as Ben Lynfield’s latest appear in The Scotsman? Under the dubious sounding headline “Democracy fears as Arabs set to boycott Israeli poll,” according to Lynfield: Most of Israel’s Arab citizens are poised to boycott next month’s parliamentary