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Audio: The Violence is Not Random

Audio: The Violence is Not Random

The New York Times ALMOST got it right in a story about Palestinian terrorism when they said that Palestinian leaders “seemed” to fan the violence and even celebrate the killers. But the PA does not just “seem” to be engaging in incitement — they outright glorify terrorism and promote terrorists as heroes.

Video: Is the UN Human Rights Council Obsessed with Israel?

The New York Times makes an editorial comment stuck in the middle of an article that undermines the Israeli Prime Minister’s claim that the United Nations Human Rights Council is “obsessed” with Israel. But the facts are on the Prime Minister’s side and the comment is harmful and misleading.

HonestReporting Radio: How — Anti Israel Bias — Works

Listen to Yarden Frankl on the Voice of Israel by clicking on the image above or on this link to play. HonestReporting.com’s Yarden Frankl takes the New York Times to task for quoting unnamed Al-Qaeda members as reliable sources in their coverage of jihadi terror. He also thanks HonestReporting members for contacting CNN to challenge the bizarre