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Hate After Death: Gerald Kaufman and “Virulent Zionists”

Hate After Death: Gerald Kaufman and “Virulent Zionists”

The Independent’s obituary for long-serving British MP Sir Gerald Kaufman ignores his anti-Israel hate, instead claiming Kaufman to be a victim of a smear campaign by “virulent Zionists.”

Who’s a “Pin-Up Zionist”?

The term “Zionist” is increasingly used in a pejorative manner by Israel’s detractors. Drawing an association between Israel’s founding ideology and other negative terms such as “racism”, “colonialism” and “apartheid” is part of the movement to delegitimize Israel. After all, at its most basic definition, Zionism is simply the national movement for the return of the

Exposed – Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia

HonestReporting exposes anti-Israel activists manipulating the online encyclopedia.

Iran: A Threat to Israel and the World

The world can no longer ignore the threat posed by Iran.