Taught to Hate

In a New York Times article about Israelis response to two alleged attacks by Jewish teens against Palestinians (“After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate,”) we are told by a Palestinian student that:

“People are taught to hate, so they hate.”

Despite the fact that the speaker was portraying Israelis as being taught to hate Palestinians, they are actually taught the opposite.

As the article pointed out:

The education minister instructed all junior high and high schools to conduct a lesson on the episode, which revealed festering wounds regarding race, violence and extremism.

In Israel — as in any society — a degree of racism exists. And Israeli schools are taking action to combat the problem.

Compare this with the fact (that was not mentioned in the NYT article) that many Palestinian children go to schools that are named after terrorists.

In fact, compare that with the following recent reports from Palestinian Media Watch:

August 26: Terrorist murderer called “heroic fighter,” beacon,” “all honor, all power, all vigor” in two broadcasts on PA TV

August 24: PA daily cartoon demonizes Israel as a bloodthirsty Jew

August 21: Fatah football tournament named after three terrorists


While the article does give an example Palestinian children chanting “Death to Israel, Death to the Jews,” shouldn’t the official Palestinian Authority endorsement and promotion of such hatred have been appropriate for the article?