Teach Kids Peace

This week, IDF soldiers searching for a wanted terrorist in a West Bank house discovered a girl hiding a gun in her underwear, YNet reports. The soldiers in the Balata refugee camp, a terrorist hotbed, found the gunman inside his home and ordered him to surrender his weapon. He refused, claiming he didn’t have one. After questioning, they found the man’s firearm was hidden in his younger sister’s underwear.And earlier this week, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested near Nablus after being discovered wearing five pipe bombs strapped to his body. The boy aroused suspicions by wearing a heavy jacket on a hot day.

HonestReporting has repeatedly critiqued the media’s negligence in failing to report the indoctrination of Palestinian youngsters toward violence, and the growing culture of hate against Israel and the United States.

Now, in a pro-active effort to challenge this human rights abuse, HonestReporting partnered in launching a new project that we’re proud to introduce at this time ? Teach Kids Peace. Please take a moment to view the powerful 90-second introductory video by clicking on the graphic below, and visit TeachKidsPeace.org for news updates and alerts for activists.

As the momentum shifts toward a possible peace agreement in the Mideast, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure that children are educated toward building peace.

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