Telegraph Implies Tel Aviv is Israel’s Capital

How many times does the UK media need to be reminded that Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel? A story in the Daily Telegraph on U.S. President Obama’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu contains the following paragraph:


Israel’s parliament, foreign ministry and most other organs of government are based in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv. Would the Telegraph refer to “New York” or “Manchester” when talking about U.S. administration or UK government activities respectively? Of course not.

While the Telegraph may not want to go as far as to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s legitimate capital, it may wish to consider that the UK’s Press Complaints Commission has already ruled on this very issue after HonestReporting took action in 2012 against The Guardian for declaring Tel Aviv as the Israeli capital.

A complaint has been sent to the Telegraph reminding it of the PCC ruling. Watch this space.


The Daily Telegraph has updated its article, which now reads:


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