Telegraphing “a massacre”

Our communique from yesterday, “Of Missiles and Videos” is now posted on the HR site.

The communique addressed premature media claims of a missile that struck a Palestinian civilian group. Here’s another report that just came to our attention — from UK’s Telegraph:

After the vehicle exploded, killing those inside, a crowd of hundreds gathered. Seconds later, the Apache fired a second missile into the centre of the throng, killing five and wounding at least 70. (emphasis added)

The Telegraph reporter not only accepts the Palestinian claims of a missile hitting a crowd as fact (without attribution or IDF response, a la Reuters) but also strongly implies that the IDF pilot fired a missile intentionally into the “centre of the throng.”

No followup article from the Telegraph to bring the IDF video (which shows two missiles striking with no civilians in sight) to their readers’ attention.

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The Associated Press has another article out today on the video. Now that the video has been distributed to reporters as well, there’s some speculation that the second missile did in fact cause some injuries or deaths (there’s no dispute, apparently, that a 11-year-old boy, a 29-year-old doctor and a 49-year-old cement factory owner were killed in Nusseirat). These people, in an adjacent alleyway, may have been struck from debris.

But claims to the missile “striking a crowd” remain entirely unfounded.