Terrorist Trading Cards

From the Associated Press today: Palestinian kids trade ‘baseball cards’ — of their favorite terrorists:

Palestinian children are collecting cards showing gunmen and soldiers the way kids in the US trade baseball cards, and some educators are concerned that the hobby is helping to breed a new generation of militants…The collectable cards depict real-life Middle East action figures familiar to the children: An Israeli soldier shooting a large gun, a soldier forcing Palestinians off their land, a small Palestinian child dressed in militant’s clothing holding a toy gun and Palestinian boys throwing stones.

The albums are sold in cardboard boxes shaped like Israeli tanks and include a dedication from Nablus governor Mahmoud Alul. A child who fills an album with all 129 pictures can win a computer, a bicycle, a watch or a hat.

Adds the AP: “The card craze reflects reality in the West Bank…” Does it really, or is it constructing an extremist, homicidal reality for the next generation?

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