Terrorists Fire 120 Rockets Over Weekend

Since Saturday morning, Palestinian terror groups have fired 50 rockets at Israel. The IDF’s retaliatory strikes killed a key Hamasnik involved in Gilad Shalit’s abduction.

IDF intelligence doesn’t believe Ismail Haniyeh controls Gaza anymore. Haaretz writes:

According to the same source, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has no control over the situation and the head of the group’s military wing, Ahmed Jabari, does not take his views into account when deciding military operations against Israel.

Here, we have IDF footage of a Palestinian rocket crew working in a cemetery.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports that the Victoria arms ship, the capture of Dirar Abu Sisi, and the Sudan air strike are all part of a larger Israeli strategy to strike at Hamas around the world.

As for Thursday’s attack on a school bus, we now know the Palestinians fired a laser-guided Kornet missile. Whoever fired the rocket knew exactly that he was targeting kids. If that’s not “intentional,” what is it?


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