The Casualty Crunch

Percentage Since the Gaza war, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights’ casualty figures (pdf format) have been accepted by the MSM as gospel, or at least as a counterweight to Israeli findings. While the question of how many people were killed is still disputed, another question remains: how many of the Palestinians killed during Op Cast Lead were really civilian?

Elder of Ziyon pored through the PCHR findings, comparing the PCHR’s names with info available on public web sites. (See EoZ's subsequent updates 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). He determined that at least 459 of the PCHR’s “civilians” were in fact combatants.

Now, recently released research by the Institute for Counter-Terrorism concludes that the PCHR misidentified 314 Palestinian combatants as so-called civilians.

You'd think a story as fundamental as "who really died" would be of more interest to the Western journalists. Why are they abdicating their responsibility to bloggers think tanks and NGOs?