The Guardian Walls Out Israelis, Suicide Bombers, and Balance

An interactive feature at The Guardian look at walls and barriers around the world. From the US-Mexico border, to the 2,500 mile barrier separating India and Bangladesh, along with 99 walls separating Belfast’s Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods, call it “wall-to-wall coverage.”

Israel’s security barrier is featured too.

Harriet Sherwood (with some credited assistance from B’Tselem) has plenty of comments, photos and videos of Palestinians talking about how the wall impacts their lives.

Left outside The Guardian gates, unfortunately, are Israelis sharing how the security barrier impacts their lives. That would mean addressing the deadly Palestinian suicide bombers who wreaked havoc in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during the second intifada.

But why let journalistic balance ruin a perfect mood created by Sherwood, B’Tselem, and five photogenic Palestinians?

Since The Guardian won’t deign to talk to Israelis, I’ll let Ramadan Shalah — the far less alluring Palestinian Islamic Jihad chief — make my point instead. The barrier keeps out terrorists.

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