The HonestReporting 9/11 Counter-Poll

Tim Marshall flagged one heckuva poll on the Press TV web site. Iran’s government-funded news channel wants your views on 9/11.  Here’s the loaded question along with the even more loaded answers.

Here’s my counter poll.

Why did Press TV’s 9/11 Poll happen? It happened in order to be used as . . .

  1. an excuse to whitewash Al-Qaida for the biggest mass murder in US history
  2. an opportunity to downgrade 9/11 to a mere “incident”
  3. an effective way to delegitimize the war on terror
  4. propaganda tarnishing the image of the West
  5. a cheap attempt to reinforce all of the above

Post your answers in the comments section.

This is all par for the course at Press TV, which has been censured for complicity in torture (you read that right) and Israel-bashing; it even had it’s UK bank account frozen.

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