The Occupation Is a Disease. Meet the Cure

Physicians for Human Rights and The Lancet channeled their inner Stallone with a nasty little screed about health care and Palestinian statehood:

Israel has used health and medicine as an instrument of control and oppression of the Palestinian people and leadership in the occupied Palestinian territory throughout the years since 1967. We at Physicians for Human Rights—Israel conceive this situation as a disease for which the cure is the total removal of control by Israel over the Palestinians. There is no way that a future Palestinian state, if there ever is one, can handle the health-care system (or any other socioeconomic system) if the Israeli occupation and control continues.

The author, Ruchama Marton, is president and founder of PHR-Israel, an organization whose agenda NGO Monitor knows quite well.

HonestReporting’s familiar with The Lancet’s axe to grind with Israel, which needs curing.



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