The Sick Priorities of The Guardian

The Guardian leaves us in no doubt as to its warped sense of priorities when it comes to Israel. The disgusting anti-Semitic comments from Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi blaming Zionists and the Talmud for the world’s illegal drugs problem aren’t the story.

Rather, a video of Israeli Foreign Minister’s response to Rahimi introduced with the following headline and text:

Is it too much to expect The Guardian to adequately cover Iranian anti-Semitism? Evidently so. The Iranian comments are even referred to as “allegations” as if there might even be some possible truth or credibility to Rahimi’s ridiculous charges.

That The Guardian preferred to make the story about Lieberman’s comments rather than Rahimi’s anti-Semitism speaks volumes about the immoral compass that defines The Guardian’s Israel coverage.

Just sick.