Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm

• These Greek naval commandos who stopped the Audacity of Hope from illegally leaving port didn’t hold anything resembling paintball guns.

• If you read between the lines, this PA spokesman says Abbas is clueless.

Abbas’s preference is for negotiations. Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib told The Irish Times that he is committed to the September UN appeal but is not certain how to go about it or whether it will be beneficial.

• Libyan rebels and the Western media: Is the romance over?

Robert Fisk asks the million dollar question about Hezbollah:

How can you rule a country when one of your principal cabinet blocs killed the father of the man who ran the previous government, ex-prime minister Saad Hariri?

• What goes around comes around: Iranian state TV censors portions of Ahmadinejad speech.