Three Teens Kidnapped, Professional Reporting Goes “Missing”

Some more deficient reporting on the kidnapping of three Israeli teens.

This from Canadian CTV News:



Apparently, according to the headline, the three teens are simply “missing” as if they had simply taken a wrong turn on the way home. As for the accompanying photo, what is appropriate about illustrating the story of the kidnapping with an image of an Israeli airstrike in response to rockets from Gaza?

* * *

How about this for some chronological inversion courtesy of NBC News?

Israel on Sunday accused Hamas of kidnapping three Israeli teens in the West Bank, hours after the country’s security forces detained dozens of Palestinians amid a stepped up military effort to find the boys.

So which came first, the kidnapping or the Israeli response? Someone at NBC might want to do some quick editing.

* * *

The Daily Mail probably had the right idea when it wanted to highlight on its homepage, the violence being perpetrated globally by Islamist terrorists. But something in the implementation went awry.


While the article itself makes it clear that Hamas terrorists are responsible for carrying out the kidnapping of the Israeli teens, an image of a wailing Arab woman in a box labeled “Palestine” is certainly not the most appropriate way to make the point and may even suggest that Israelis are the ones carrying out the carnage.

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