Times of Israel Features HR on Social Media

The Times of Israel has a feature article asking the question as to whether or not Jews should observe a “social media ceasefire” to mark a Jewish fast day. Among those interviewed stressing the importance of social media involvement for Israel during Operation Protective Edge is HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams:

According to Joe Hyams, CEO of Honest Reporting, it’s too late for Israel supporters to consider withdrawing from social media, “the very thing that could have prevented Judge Goldstone’s [anti-Israel] allegations from spreading [after the 2008 Gaza conflict],” he said.


“The lies against Israel just can’t take root if everyone is so active on social media,” said Hyams, who believes that how social media platforms are used is just as important – if not more — than why.


“It’s like the decision with Iron Dome, to launch or to not launch,” said the British-born Hyams, who abstains from social media on Shabbat. “With social media too, we need to use thought and precision and be aware of the powerful tools that words are,” he said.


Hyams called silence in the face of media assaults on Israel “unacceptable,” comparing it to the story of Rashbi and Rebbe Eliezer “leaving the cave” to encounter a shocking world, followed by a return to the darkness.

Read the full article here.

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