To Fight Anti-Semitism, We Must Define It

This opinion piece by HR’s Social Media Editor Alex Margolin is republished from The Times of Israel.

Anti-Semitism is everywhere these days. It hovers over all debates about Israel.  It hides in the subtext of every discussion. It’s seemingly inescapable…and yet it is nearly invisible. We think we know its effects, but maybe there is another plausible explanation for them.

For all its ubiquity, there is no constructive discussion taking place about anti-Semitism. We accuse and they deny. There is no common ground.

We saw it last week at the AIPAC Conference. Benjamin Netanyahu told the audience, “Attempts to boycott, divest and sanction Israel… are simply the latest chapter in the long and dark history of anti- Semitism.”

Rafeef Ziadah, a spokeswoman for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, responded, “The world is growing increasingly weary of Israel’s attempts to conflate criticism of its violations of international law with anti-Semitism.”

And so it goes, over and over, resolving nothing. These types of discussions – “You’re anti-Semitic” vs. “You think everything is anti-Semitic” – recur again and again, in comment threads and forums across the Internet.

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