Pro-Hamas Daily Launches

The PA media war reached a new level with the launch of Palestine, a pro-Hamas newspaper. Reuters writes:

Haniyeh, who has sharply criticised pro-Fatah news coverage in the past, urged the owners of “Palestine” to “maintain accuracy, neutrality and objectivity.”

UPDATE May 4: For a more on the PA’s media wars, Khaled Abu Toameh reports in today’s Jerusalem Post that attacks on journalists in the last month increased. A study by the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms noted the following:

Referring to the attacks on the journalists by Palestinians, the center said: “What is dangerous about these assaults is that they are often carried out by guards of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the Palestinian prime minister. It’s also worth noting that some Palestinian armed groups in the West Bank are trying to copy the assaults that are taking place in the Gaza Strip by attacking journalists and media institutions.