Today’s Reuters “News”

Reuters presents today’s news completely through the lens of the Geneva gathering – a prime example of this news agency making the news, rather than simply reporting it:

Israel Fumes at U.S. Opening to Doves, Steps Up Raids

Israel fumed Wednesday over Secretary of State Colin Powell’s plan to meet the authors of a symbolic peace accord despite fierce Israeli objections.

The Israeli army stepped up raids into West Bank cities to net Palestinian militants, underscoring obstacles on the ground to a diplomatic initiative that emerged in the vacuum of the derailed U.S.-sponsored peace plan, known as the road map.

Sharon’s government said the incursion pre-empted a fresh wave of suicide attacks and, to reaffirm its case that the symbolic peace pact was dangerous, again accused Palestinian leaders of indulging “terrorism.”

No, they didn’t accuse Palestinian leaders of indulging “terrorism,” they accused them of indulging terrorism. It’s one thing that Reuters refuses to use the term in their own reporters’ voices (even for 9/11!), but must they also deny others the use of it, obliterating terrorism’s very existence?!

We came across this item on Yahoo News today:

Reuters bore its fangs today when a media monitoring agency, HonestReporting, pointed out that in Tuesday’s coverage of the Toronto Raptors’ victory over the Sixers, Reuters made absolutely no
mention of racial profiling, underscoring the obstacles to achieving equality for all.

Reuters said Donyell Marshall played well and, bolstering their contention that news sections should remain separate, said their coverage of the NBA concentrates only on the “game.”