Total Failure: IBT Screws Up Coverage of Jerusalem Terror Attack

What is going on at the International Business Times‘ UK edition? The first write-up of the truck ramming terror attack in Jerusalem looked like this:




Besides the headline that places “terror attack” in scare quotes, exactly what has an image of Jewish women at the Western Wall got to do with the incident?

The attack happened at the promenade in Armon Hanatziv, not “at the walled Old City of Jerusalem” as the caption reads. The photo appears to be of Jewish women protesting in favor of egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall. Hardly an appropriate image to accompany a terror attack that occurred elsewhere.

We contacted IBT. Not long afterwards, the story was updated.




This time, however, an embedded video was included showing footage from a completely separate terror attack by the walls of the Old City on an unspecified date. Yet again, completely misleading content.

Cue another email to the IBT from HonestReporting.

Finally, a few minutes later someone at the IBT got some grasp of basic journalism with an accompanying Reuters photo from the scene.




But how did this become such a mess in the first place?

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