Turkel Findings: Like Police Investigating Themselves?

Good grief, could this Edmonton Journal staff-ed possibly lack any more nuance?

Judge Jacob Turkel’s commission was government appointed, but independent from that point on. Lord David Trimble of Ireland and Canada’s Brig. Gen (Ret.) served as international observers.Yet the Journal writes:

But as some Israeli commentators have themselves pointed out, a government effectively investigating itself is rarely convincing to those not inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt in the first place. One is reminded of the poor optics of police forces investigating themselves in this country.

The editorial staff must have missed this statement by the Trimble and Watkin:

We have no doubt that the Commission is independent. This part of the report is evidence of its rigor.

Even independent commissions of inquiry are organized by governments. How else would the Journal expect Israel to assemble a team of heavyweights to carry out a professional investigation of a heavily charged incident?



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