UK Press Regulator Appoints Former Ambassador to Israel

The full 12-member board of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso), which is replacing the Press Complaints Commission, has been announced. On more than one occasion, HonestReporting has dealt with the PCC on matters pertaining to the UK media’s coverage of Israel and we await the formation of its successor organization with interest.

Perhaps most eye-catching from our perspective is the inclusion of Sir Tom Phillips (pictured above) on the Ipso board. Phillips is a former diplomat and served as the British Ambassador to Israel from 2006-2010 so he certainly knows the region well. Following that posting, however, Phillips served in Saudi Arabia until 2012.

So, if a case is brought to Ipso concerning UK media coverage of Israel, will Phillips view such a case with objectivity and, if not, which diplomatic posting will influence him the most if it comes to making a decision?

More on Ipso in the Daily Mail.

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