UN Investigating “False Photo” Tweeter

That position was confirmed by OCHA spokeswoman Amanda Pitt, who told Fox News that Badawi would continue working at OCHA while the organization undertook an internal review to determine if any action would be taken.

Meanwhile, Badawi returned to her Twitter account for the first time in six days to post a “correction” of her earlier tweet but not an apology or remorse for spreading lies. She also failed to acknowledge that the photo was false, depicting a girl who had been hurt in an accident, not by Israel.

Both the UN and Badawi make a point to separate Badawi’s work as a UN official and her personal Twitter account. However, the separation is disingenuous since Badawi’s work involves reporting on alleged human rights abuses in the Palestinian territories.

How can the UN trust reports filed by an individual who has spread false information on Twitter, and only moved to correct the record six days later, long after the damage had been done and only after reports of internal inquiries surfaced? And how can the public trust reports published by the UN branch that employs individuals who have proven to spread propaganda?

The UN can’t trust Badawi, and the public can’t trust reports from OCHA as long as Badawi remains an employee. That’s why the UN has no alternative but to fire Badawi immediately.

We played by the rules by sending people to the UN contact page, but when their site only allowed just three complaints an hour, we had to get their attention by other means.

Sign our petition to let the UN know you refuse to allow the issue to go without a resolution. The use of Twitter to propagate false and harmful images is a relatively new weapon in the hands of Israel’s enemies, but it is no different than the use of any other medium in the need for honesty and credibility. The reliability of the UN rests on swift action to remove a propagandist from its ranks.


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