UNRWA Worker Shot in Jenin

Last week, United Nations worker Iain Hook was killed by an IDF bullet, during a gun battle near the UNRWA compound in Jenin.

The IDF claims that the UNRWA compound in Jenin had been used by Palestinians as cover from which to shoot at IDF soldiers. In addition to fire from within the UNRWA headquarters, the IDF identified at least seven cases in which direct fire was aimed toward IDF forces from an alley near the UNRWA headquarters. In two cases, terrorists opened fired while using civilians as human shields. In one of the cases, a terrorist opened fire while taking cover behind a woman holding an UNRWA flag.

Many media outlets have failed to report the Israeli side of this story. HonestReporting encourages members to monitor your local media, and complain if the reporting is one-sided.

Israel has long complained that the UN allows Palestinian incitement and extremism to go unchecked in the refugee camps.

This week, Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press reports that the gate to the U.N. girls school in Jenin is plastered with posters hailing suicide bombers, and that the U.N. compound down the street has graffiti on its outer wall with Hamas threats to kill Jews. “Such wall art would be unthinkable on a U.N. building anywhere else in the world,” Winfield writes.

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