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Video: The Definition of Terror

Words are important. The words the media use are doubly so, and it is critical that they use the most accurate terms when covering events. Yet while young Palestinian terrorists are referred to as “children,” the three teenage Israelis who were kidnapped and murdered are called “settlers.” Even worse, the media refuse to refer to

Kidnapping of Israeli Teens: Accurate Media Coverage?

Video: Kidnapping of Israeli Teens: Accurate Media Coverage?

While the real story is about three Israeli high schoolers who were abducted by the terrorist group Hamas, many in the media prefer to make the story about the settlements. Others ask why they were hitchhiking anyway, as if to blame the victims for the crime. Image: CC BY-SA HonestReporting, flickr/dhannah


European Union to Ban Research Grants in the Name of “Peace”

The European Union will ban any funding of Israeli institutions that have a presence in the disputed territories and eastern Jerusalem. Last year, grants were awarded to scientific organizations that studied greenhouse gas emissions and veterinarian inspection of livestock. Would cutting of grants like these really further the cause of peace? DId the media you


Children Taught to Hate on Palestinian Television: Where’s the Coverage?

When Palestinian Television broadcasts viciously anti-Israel incitement, the media ignores the story. Palestinian Media Watch ( documents almost daily incitement from official Palestinian Authority media outlets, including the horrible indoctrination of children, taught to hate Israel and Jews from the earliest age. Share this video and other material from the PMW website so that more

World War Z: Paramount thinks Turks afraid of Israel, not Zombies

Paramount pictures thinks that Islamic audiences in Turkey can handle a movie in which flesh eating zombies take over the world. But they were afraid that mentioning the word “Israel” might really horrify them. So they took the word out of the movie and replaced it with the words “Middle East.” Go to Paramount’s Facebook