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Video: NBC News: “Can You Shoot Your Gun?”

Video: NBC News: “Can You Shoot Your Gun?”

Brian Williams — the same person who has been suspended by NBC news for lying — went to speak with an Israeli couple whose son was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. But all he really wanted was footage of crazy, gun-toting settlers.  


Video: BBC’s “Apology” for “Jewish Hands” Comment

    The BBC’s Tim Willcox tells a lady at Paris anti-terror rally that “Jewish Hands” are the cause of Palestinian suffering. Please register your complaint with the BBC. Click here for the BBC Complaints page.  Choose options BBC News – TV News –  BBC News Channel and then add “Coverage of Paris Rally” to


Video: Hamas: Strike the Pigs and Monkeys — the Jews

The Guardian published an op-ed by a Hamas official in which he claims Hamas never denigrates Judaism and Christianity. Yet the internet is full of evidence that Hamas not only denigrates Jews and Christians, but calls for their murder. Shame on the Guardian for publishing lies and serving as a propaganda tool for terrorists. Please