Wash Post Buries Embarrassing Criticism

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote a column on Dec. 26 on the topic of Gaddafi’s surrender, which began with a critique of a Washington Post headline on the event:

“Libya Vows to Give Up Banned Weapons; Two Decades of Sanctions, Isolation Wore Down Gaddafi”
— Washington Post headline, front-page news analysis, Dec. 20.

WASHINGTON — Yeah, sure. After 18 years of American sanctions, Gaddafi randomly picks Dec. 19, 2003, as the day for his surrender. By amazing coincidence, Gaddafi’s first message to Britain — principal U.S. war ally and conduit to White House war councils — occurs just days before the invasion of Iraq. And his final capitulation to U.S.-British terms occurs just five days after Saddam is fished out of a rat hole.

But when the Wash Post ran the column, they saved face by simply deleting the opening headline quote. And Krauthammer is on the Wash Post’s own staff!

Interesting that the Houston Chronicle, (Washington) Daily Herald, New York Daily News, and all other national papers didn’t happen to remove that opening headline…