Washington Post: Bombs, Not Terrorists

Look at the following phrases from a single article today in the Washington Post.

Jerusalem bomb kills…..Bomb explodes….A bomb detonated….rocket attacks fired from Gaza….killing of 5 members of an Israeli family….A bomb hidden in a bag detonated…

Notice a pattern? Who is responsible for the attacks? Are bombs going off randomly? Did anyone fire those rockets or kill that family?

As my colleague Simon Plosker points out, many in the media like the BBC and Sky News, have decided that yesterday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem was against a bus stop, not living human beings.

Now we have reporting from the Post that identifies the attacker has “a bomb.” It wasn’t the case of Palestinian terrorists attacking Israeli civilians. No, the culprit is a “bomb.”

When bombs go after bus stops, one wonders where did all the people go?


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