WATCH: “Stop Demonizing Israel and Start Learning From Them”

On Fox News, Megyn Kelly interviews outspoken critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the West’s reaction to the terrorist attacks in France. Her main message was:

We should stop demonizing Israel and start learning from them.

She makes the compelling case that Israel has learned how to fight Islamic terrorism and prevent mass attacks such as what took place in Paris. While there are no guarantees, Israel has learned that the key to preventing these types of attacks is intelligence collection, constant vigilance, and quick and powerful responses.

Yet all too often, the media take Israel to task for what they say is a disproportionate response to terrorism. Countless editorials from the major Western media have demanded that Israel show restraint in fighting terror. Some have justified terror because of what they call “legitimate grievances” as if to say that all Israel has to do is agree to the demands of the terrorists to stop the attacks.

But as Ali says, Israel knows that terrorism is based, above all else, on hatred. It cannot be reasoned with. It must be aggressively fought and defeated.

We only wish that more journalists would listen to what Ali has to say:

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