Watchdog of the Week: Jason Levinson’s Letter in the Irish Times

It’s not often you see a letter from as far afield as Texas, USA, in the letters page of the Irish Times. HonestReporting subscriber Jason Levinson was compelled to write after reading our critique of Eamonn McCann’s appalling attack, not only on Ariel Sharon, but also on the Jewish religion.

Here is Jason’s letter:

Sir, – Eamonn’s McCann’s article (Opinion, January 16th) lacked one important thing – namely, facts, to support his thesis.  At no point does McCann provide any evidence that the biblical quotes he provides, or any part of the Bible, had any impact on Ariel Sharon’s political ideology.  Rather than facts, McCann merely writes his personal suppositions of Sharon’s belief system.  Moreover, he makes false historical claims. 

For instance, he stated that Sharon wanted to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from Israel yet the only mass cleansing under Sharon’s leadership is when he forcibly removed the Jewish community of Gaza.  Taken in sum, it appears that McCann’s goal is not to educate the readership of The Irish Times but to teach them to demonise religion. – Yours, etc,

In an email to HonestReporting, Jason writes:

I strongly believe in the influence of writing to media and government officials/bodies in defense of values that I hold, such as the proper treatment of Jews and Israel.  I believe that if we are active and make sure that the world is given the correct information, not only will there be less errors made about Jews and Israel but there will be also less attempts at anti-Semitism and hatred because those that are spawning the hate will know that they cannot act improperly without a reaction.  If we are quiet, then we are silently condoning bad behavior.

For taking action and getting his letter published, Jason Levinson from Texas is our Watchdog of the Week.

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