West Bank Airplane Exposes Airhead Journo

Harriet Sherwood

A chance encounter with a wrecked airplane in the West Bank exposes Harriet Sherwood’s airhead journalism.

Her curiousity piqued, The Guardian posted a query to readers of her blog asking if anyone knew what an abandoned passenger airplane and dilapidated ferris wheel in a field near Nablus were all about.

One reader responded:

A quick google search produced this from the New York Times:

But just before the second intifada, they bought a disused Boeing 707 passenger jet and parked it in an amusement park they had built along a road east of the city. They had planned to turn it into a restaurant.

It must have taken me all of 20 seconds to find it!

Seems that Sherwood was too thick to do the same. Given her previous reporting claiming the Knesset is built on Palestinian land, the woman is utterly clueless.

Harriet, I suggest you bookmark Google Basic Search Help.


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