What Passes for “Progress” at the LA Times

A really dumb LA Times staff-ed praises Palestinian unilateralism because their statehood strategy doesn’t hinge on blowing up Israelis.

In past decades, Palestinian nationalists thought they had to hijack planes or blow up Israeli civilians in order to attract international attention. Some still do, but moderate leaders are lately discovering that the path to recognition might lie instead through the United Nations . . . the Palestinian switch to a diplomatic strategy represents progress.

Oh really? While UNESCO gave the Palestinians a thumbs up, half of the PA not governed by Mahmoud Abbas was firing rockets at Israel. That’s a story even the LA Times covered in reports one and two.

More than 60 rockets have been fired in the past week. Ashkelon’s the next Sderot. And no amount of goodwill from UNESCO the PA, or the LA Times news room will bring back Moshe Ami, who was killed in one barrage.

And the Times calls this progress?